Mar 102017
A Craft isn't Just a Craft

I’ll name it – I’m crafty. In fact, I may have self-identified as a crafty m*ther f*cker a time or two. One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to work out my crafting skills on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes this is to design stickers or buttons with […]

Dec 152016

I was recently asked by my home congregation to offer some thoughts on the term “awake” as part of an Advent series. To me, being awake involves the willingness to see ourselves and one another as we are. It means letting the scales be removed from our eyes, so we are able to be fully […]

Nov 172016
New t-shirts

Resilience and self-care are always big topics for group discussion. After the election, though, that focus has been ratcheted up a bit. I found some old t-shirts in one of the closets at the youth center that had been purchased a while back but never used, so I made these iron-on t-shirts for youth who wanted […]

Nov 032016
You are Fabulous

I made a few signs for the bathrooms at work. They are written backwards so folks see it correctly when they look in the mirror. It’s easy to forget how lovely we are, just by being us. And yet, we are so very lovely. Each and every messy one of us.

Sep 082016

I’ve spent much of the last few weeks with thoughts on the edge of my brain, but not quite coming forward – thinking at times that my own mental well of ideas had gone dry. Then last week, I had a friend share this poem with me; and, I decided to let those ideas continue to […]