Jun 212016

I preached a reflection on the Orlando shootings on Sunday. First time I’ve talked about being LGBTQ from the pulpit. Text and Audio below. 1 Kings 17:8-24; Psalm 126; Mark 7:24-30; June 19, 2016 In 2008, philosopher and theologian Cornell West wrote that we in the United States are in one of the “most truly […]

Mar 202015

I’ve started blogging for More Light Presbyterians, and just wrote my first piece, on the recent ratification of a new amendment by the Presbyterian Church (USA), defining marriage as between “two people,” rather than as between a “man and a woman.” I work with LGBTQ youth so, on the whole, I don’t hear a lot […]

Jul 292014

“North American Time, VIII” By Adrienne Rich Sometimes, gliding at night in a plane over New York City I have felt like some messenger called to enter, called to engage this field of light and darkness. A grandiose idea, born of flying. But underneath the grandiose idea is the thought that what I must engage […]

Jun 192014

An old piece that seemed relevant for this week. “The Place Where We Are Right,” by Yehuda Amichai From the place where we are right Flowers will never grow In the spring. The place where we are right Is hard and trampled Like a yard. But doubts and loves Dig up the world Like a mole, […]

Jun 192014

I’ve had this poem on my mind for the last several days – can’t shake the first line. It’s been a year, to say the least. New baby, new job, new house – just to name a few of the transitions that have taken place. So, I’ve mostly been holding on, trying to roll with […]