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Clattering Bones (aka Jessica Rathbun-Cook) is a queer Presbyterian and recent seminary graduate, trying to figure out how to help bridge the gap between the queer world and the church world. She also spends much of her time trying to figure out why the gap exists in the first place, and wondering what it would be like if we allowed ourselves to see every person we meet as a child of God, how we might live into the notion that our religious experience can make us more.

For more information on the name of this blog, check out the post that began it all here.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to say thank you and God Bless. I’ve always been a lesbian, but I’m only starting to realize that I’m a Christian, as well. And while I study the bible and try out churches and read about Orthodoxy, I know that I am going to have to confront these questions at some point. Luckily I grew up in an a-(well, frankly anti)-religious home and have had the good grace of having really wonderful friends from several fundamentalist communities. I have never felt inwardly or been led to feel by the people around me that God hates gays. I don’t even slightly believe this to be the case. And I haven’t found any good evidence of it in the bible yet. But still, I know that this is the prevailing opinion out there. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. It’s heartening to see that others have gone before, though. So again, thank you.

    • Glad to have you here! It’s not often that I hear someone say they’ve always known they’re gay, but learned later on that they’re also Christian. There’s something quite beautiful about that. . . 🙂

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