Apr 302012

It’s Shepherd Sunday.

I teach Sunday school to a group of 6-9th graders, and today my co-teacher and I talked about Psalm 23 in a lectio-divina-style approach – we read the text from three different translations, and then had them listen to three different musical renderings. This song was the last of the three, and it was the only few minutes in the hour that they remained still.

After reading the text for the third time, we asked the youth what they felt the text was calling them to do.  I realized as the question was asked that the text was calling me to rest. To just rest, and remember why I love what I get to do everyday.  To love that I can get out of bed in the morning (that I have a bed to get out of!), and to love feeling tired and to love the feeling of rest and to love the people in my life and to love the spot on my nose that isn’t cancer and to love my hyperactive self, and to love my hair that goes everywhere and to love and to love and to love.  and to rest.

Peace, Y’all.

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  1. I’m glad you hear the call to rest, and that rest brackets the 11 loves (if I counted correctly, once) you named.

    This music recalls my mother for me in a way that doesn’t happen often. It also – amazingly, with the addition of an “s” – makes the Psalm much more understandable and familiar and not in need of analytics.

    That Bobby – he’s something.

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