Mar 302012
Two years ago, we moved into a house with a great back yard. It looked like this:

As of this morning, it looks like this:

(Side-note to anyone who may want to rent a house to us in the future: if you say that we can do “whatever” with the backyard, we will take you up on it. We are also excellent tenants…)

I started to notice a few days ago that there is a line of new growth across the garden – one of two columbine plants is full of flowers that are opening up (the other is not); tulips are opening up; one half of a tree (just outside the frame to the left) is leafing out; a rosemary bush is filling out much more than the rosemary in another part of the garden. A couple of days ago I looked out and saw that there is a line of light that streaks right across the path of growth (you can kind of see it in the photo). I stood in awe for a moment – I mean, yeah, I get it that light makes plants grow; but, I was struck that you could almost draw a clear line across the garden, that the difference in growth could be seen – clearly – between those plants that have that morning light and those that do not.

That got me to thinking about the way light moves, and how it just needs a break in whatever is obscuring it from the sun to get some of that photosynthetic goodness.  In August I’m sure I’ll write about the ways too much sun is hellish on plants, and the lack of water, etc; but, right now I cannot help but think of the way the light breaks through….

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