Mar 112012

Jumping out there a bit this week and posting one of my own poems. I wrote its original last January, while taking a class on writing the faith. Crocuses are coming up and, even at the end of a winter as mild as the one we’ve just had, it is always nice to have a reminder of the promise of spring. It was conceived as a response to Augustine’s Confessions, and his observation of nature as it served his inner journey.

What do I love in loving you?

In loving all

creation that longs to sing

your praise, O God,

I am loving you.

In an awe-struck

gaze at a spectrum of light

splayed across the sky,

I am loving you.

In trusting the crocus

breaking forth from the ground

as a promise of spring,

I am loving you.

In the taste of

honey drizzled over

bread still warm from the oven,

I am loving you.

In the embrace of my

beloved, breathing softly

into my ear as

she drifts to sleep

I am loving you.

In weeping tears

that fall in the face of a

world thirsty for your grace,

I am loving you.

Do not all of these things

sing your praise,

O God?

Does not creation,

even in its moaning, long

to sing your praise?

Is not every embrace of

love a response to love

given by you?

And why, O God,

would you ask that I not

share these holy delights?

How could I keep from

sharing such wondrous

joys, such abiding

light, such divine love?

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