Mar 072012

Feeling kind of worn out tonight – more on the plate than I can digest at one point, and more to do than I feel like I can get done. However, I spent the last couple of hours playing Apples to Apples with the youth, and laughing over who chose which answers to which questions – always a great way to feel rejuvenated. I still think I have the greatest internship on the planet.

It’s always good to remember that ultimately, this job or call or whatever it is in my life, is about the relationships that are formed along the way. It may be that my weariness is giving way to nostalgia, but I find myself so thankful for those moments and those spaces that allow for real presence. It’s an unanswerable question (or maybe a question we could answer in about 500 ways), but I find myself wondering how we are expected to thrive as human beings in a world where real presence is such a rarity, where no space or time is given to allow people to be known.

A co-worker of mine teases me about my blog, calling it my online diary. It seems at the moment that the potential that I might start moving a bit too much into online diary territory is high, so I’ll say goodnight.

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  1. I support your online diary. this is great!!! and I miss you terribly on FB so I am stoked you’re writing away!!! I love your insight and cherish you so…..

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