Mar 032012

Just some words from Thomas Merton today.

“The greatest of disadvantages is that we are too prone to welcome everybody else’s wrong solution to the problems of life. There is a natural laziness that moves us to accept the easiest solutions – the ones that have common currency among our friends. That is why an optimistic view of life is not necessarily always a virtuous thing. In a time like ours, only the coarse grained still have enough resistance to preserve their fair-weather principles unclouded by anxiety. Such optimism may be comfortable: but is it safe? In a world where ever lie has currency, is not anxiety the more real and more human reaction?

Now anxiety….is the fruit of unanswered questions. But questions cannot go unanswered unless they first be asked. And there is a far worse anxiety, a far worse insecurity, which comes from being afraid to ask the right questions – because they might turn out to have no answer. One of the moral diseases we communicate to one another in society comes from huddling together in the pale light of an insufficient answer to a question we are afraid to ask.”

from, No Man is an Island

  One Response to “Questions”

  1. I am sitting here at work thinking about those exact questions. And I’m scared and it would just be very easy to not even ask those questions. But my heart is feeling the anxiety if I weren’t to ask….YIPES.
    Thanks for posting.

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